Alligator showing new technologies

With Autopromotec just around the corner, Alligator Valve Group reports that the firm’s show presence will emphasize its family of products, a complete solution for replacement sensors in the automotive area. In particular will get debut at Autopromotec. According to the company, this program module provides the operator (e.g. a tyre workshop) a quick overview of all sensors programmed at their service point to date. The newly developed print-out function also enables direct printing of the tyre pressure sensor diagnostic service record; if desired, this document can be handed over to the customer with the service bill, or entered into the customer file at the service company.

In addition, industrial is billed as “optimal for manufacturers of complete wheels or for larger users, such as car dealerships, which frequently require larger quantities of spare sensors e.g. for the manufacture of winter wheels). With the Alligator programming station, a vast number of sensors can be programmed and prepared for installation with little effort.

The firm will also be presenting Alligator HD. This is a professional tyre management system for commercial fleets which helps fleet operators minimise fuel and tyre costs, while at the same time reducing the risk of tyre failures.

Other highlights include CVV EASY, the high-performance valve for delivery vans and caravans which can be installed completely without tools; V2B, the double-sealed lorry valve cap – a solution for fleet operators and tyre management providers; and the V1B check valve cap is another new product that will be presented at the trade.

Aligator Valve Group will be on stand B38 in Hall 19.


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