Nexen steps up to the plate for another year of baseball sponsorship

Thursday 2nd April 2015 | 0 Comments

Nexen Tire has sponsored the LA Dodgers since 2013
Nexen Tire has sponsored the LA Dodgers since 2013

Another innings of Nexen Tire baseball sponsorship is about to begin: The tyre maker has renewed its partnership agreements with four Major League Baseball (MLB) teams in the US. It will thus continue its relationship with the LA Dodgers, Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers and the LA Angels for the 2015 baseball season.

“Our partnership with MLB teams can be a great opportunity to increase brand visibility and brand awareness amongst vast and loyal baseball fans,” said Lee Jang-hwan, Nexen Tire’s global marketing manager. “We will continue to strengthen our sports marketing in North America to reach out to millions of fans, who are loyal to dynamic and powerful sports.”

Nexen advertisements will feature on the rolling board behind the home plate at the LA Dodger’s home stadium and will be shown on the LED screen board at the Detroit Tiger’s stadium. In partnership with the Texas Rangers, a Nexen brand billboard will be displayed at the team’s home stadium, and the tyre maker anticipates both in stadium and television exposure from this. The LA Angels deal calls for Nexen to feature on a large exterior billboard at the top of the stadium, and the brand will also feature on the ‘bloopers and great plays’ that will run between innings at every home game.

Sponsorship of the LA Dodgers and Detroit Tigers started in the 2013 season, and Nexen Tire began its sponsorship with the Texas Rangers and LA Angels last year.

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