Lowest petrol sales for 25 years in March 2015

The National Franchised Dealers Association has revealed that petrol sales fell 10 per cent in March to a record low of 1.31bn litres. The month followed growth of around four per cent in February, when drivers took advantage of prices 22p per litre lower than the year before.

Sue Robinson, director of the NFDA, comments: “This March has seen the lowest petrol sales in 25 years due to rising pump prices. Business drivers and commercial vehicles are dominating diesel engines, which is why diesel’s share of new car sales has been increasing steadily with figures published for 2014 showing more than half of new car sales were of diesel vehicles. Diesel sales have overtaken petrol due to the increased number of commercial vehicles on the roads facing increased journeys due to internet sales and delivery.

Robinson continues: “The decline in petrol sales has been apparent for several years as motorists switched to diesel for better fuel economy and lower carbon dioxide emissions. Diesel fuel sales overtook petrol sales in 2007 (diesel 25.5bn v petrol 24bn litres) and have continued to grow to 27.9bn litres in 2014 in contrast to just 17.6bn litres of petrol.”


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