AME expands catalogue range, introduces Spanish version

AME International, a Florida-based tyre changing tool manufacturer, recently introduced a Spanish version of its Tool and Equipment Catalogue. This is the first time the company has issued a Spanish version of its entire catalogue. Luis Goyeneche, vice president of international sales, was pleased with the result:

“It’s difficult to translate catalogues correctly in general, let alone one for the tire changing industry,” said Goyeneche. “We’re happy to say that this has been translated by someone in the industry who understands the context and use of our tools. I know this is going to help our Spanish-speaking customers.”

President Keith Jarman feels that this is just one way AME can make things easier for customers: “Our priority is giving our customers the marketing resources they need to sell our tools. We have multiple sizes of our most recent catalogue — one that can fit in someone’s back pocket. We want to help our customers answer questions easily no matter where they are.”

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