Zeetex pride in joining top brands in Auto Bild tyre test finale

The Zeetex brand has celebrated what it sees as a significant step forward in the recent Auto Bild magazine summer tyre test. The independent test rated 53 tyres based on their dry and wet braking distances, with the top 18 put forward to a “final”, at which point the magazine tested a range of characteristics: noise, mileage, fuel economy, handling, and braking efficiency on dry and wet surfaces. The Zeetex ZT1000 was the cheapest tyre to make the final, listed at circa 192 euros in size 185/60R15 H, holding its own against more expensive tyres; it was ultimately rated “satisfactory”, putting it on par with the more expensive Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance (276 euros), Kumho Ecowing ES01 KH27 (236 euros) and the Sava Intensa HP (208 euros). Its global distributor, the Dubai based importer/exporter Zafco, described the result as “another massive achievement” for the brand.

Zafco points out that the initial performance of the Zeetex ZT1000 was ranked above “top-notch brands with higher brand value;” indeed tyres like the Firestone TZ300, the Nokian Line, the Cooper CS2 and the Avon ZT5 all failed to make the final 18 following the combined braking test. In the final itself, the ZT1000 registered the lowest pass-by noise (69.4dB at 60km/h, 73.7dB at 80km/h) compared with the other 17 brands; the second-best price/mileage ranking (7.06 euros per 1,000km) behind the Sava Intensa HP; and the fifth best rolling resistance. It also ranked in the mid-table for aquaplaning (ninth) and was 13th out of 53 in the dry and wet braking test.

“The Auto Bild test has a significant importance and matters a lot, especially to tyre dealers and end-users,” states Raghavendra Sanga, head of product communication & marketing at Zafco. “The R&D efforts by Zeetex are paying off,” he added, pledging to “continue to march forward with utmost value for our customers and care for the environment as a whole, because achieving the unexpected has always been our priority.”

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