Manbat’s BEN supply deal reaches seven-year milestone

Manbat, the UK’s largest automotive battery distributor, has been a long-standing and practical supporter of the automotive industry charity, BEN. However, rather than undertaking well publicised, but sporadic, short-term money raising events, Manbat has adopted a consistent, service-centric and below the radar approach in the form of a supply agreement. Under this agreement, whenever a beneficiary that uses some form of battery-powered mobility equipment requires a new battery for it, Manbat will deliver a replacement and collect the failed battery, anywhere in the country and completely without charge.

Commenting on the on-going arrangement, BEN’s head of welfare, Yvonne Hignell, said: “Before the agreement began in 2008, we were faced with an annual cost in excess of £2,000 to replace on average 20 batteries a year. However, as we approach the end of our seventh year, the total stands at 184 batteries, that’s an average of more than 25 each year, which has probably saved us close to £20,000.

“Every year Manbat continues to support BEN with the generous donation of batteries, which is incredible. This enables us to ensure that elderly, frail and vulnerable people are kept mobile with the ability to go out and about without relying on family members or friends. The fact that they are able to remain totally independent is life changing,” added Hignell. “Without Manbat’s help and support, we would not be able to keep our client’s mobility vehicles in good working order and, together we have improved their quality of life and given them back their freedom. We look forward to many more years of working with Manbat.”

“BEN is close to our hearts and we are really pleased to hear that what we are doing is playing a part in making the lives of those in need just a little easier,” said Manbat marketing manager Myles Pemberton. “Unfortunately it’s all too easy to lose the perspective and allow business to become all-consuming and to concentrate only on what drives the bottom line. However, by working with BEN it helps to focus the mind on the bigger picture and realise we should all be helping one another for the welfare of everyone.”

BEN is a national charity that operates from offices in Ascot, Birmingham and Scotland, with ten welfare officers working across the regions. Its welfare beneficiaries use more than 700 battery powered mobility products, and in addition to the individual welfare cases BEN also requires batteries for its residential care centres.

“Manbat is a truly national distributor with 13 branches across the length and breadth of the country, so we are particularly geared to be able to quickly respond to the need, irrespective of where it arises,” continued Pemberton. “However, by also being a business based on traditional values of support and care, our overriding desire is to do our bit to try to improve the lives of those who need support.”

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