Davanti brand set for Autopromotec 2015 launch

Autopromotec will provide the platform for the launch of a new brand when the 2015 show is held in Bologna, Italy between 20 and 24 May. Davanti is pitching itself as an up-market tyre offering and is said to be able to boast “impressive EU labels”, “outstanding wet-grip performance and consistently low noise ratings across the range…”.

The brand will launch with the release of the Davanti DX640 and DX390. The DX640 is an ultra-high performance passenger and SUV tyre dynamically designed for maximum grip, and the DX390 is a high performance tyre offering a fuel efficient and comfortable drive.

According to the company, the DX640 and DX390 will be available in “an extensive range of sizes and fitments” and will be closely followed by the DX420, designed specifically for Hackney Carriages and the DX440 a rugged van tyre to be released later in the year.

Company representatives suggest that the tyres have been produced with “advanced profile design, tread development, compound technology and tyre construction”. At the same time each Davanti tyre design has been carefully developed using a combination of 3D computerised simulation, track testing and in-house testing laboratory.

As far as a route to market is concerned, Davanti will reportedly be launched with an exclusive dealer support package offering extensive benefits and each Davanti tyre comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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