Borg & Beck Becktec range includes double rubber shimmed pads

The First Line Group (FLG) has introduced double rubber Becktec shimmed brake pads to stand alongside its Becktec coated discs, in an improved and expanded Borg & Beck braking line up. The corporate blue Borg & Beck shims are designed to deliver anti-vibration and noise reduction benefits.

In keeping with FLG’s Borg & Beck braking programme and original equipment supply protocol, Becktec shimmed pads come with all the associated fitting components and wear indicators where standard, saving workshops time and money. Like the production and application of Becktec coated discs, Becktec shimmed pads are also designed to be more environmentally friendly, using a copper free formulation that is less corrosive on the disc. More than 1,300 pads are included in the range, which will be phased in during 2015.

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