ATS Euromaster says new CrossClimate is a ‘game-changer’ for UK fleets

ATS Euromaster predicts CrossClimate tyres will play a complementary role alongside premium brand summer and cold weather tyre ranges

ATS Euromaster welcomed the launch of Michelin’s CrossClimate tyre range – calling the product a game-changer for UK fleets and coming that it is working to secure stocks across its centres for the official May 2015 launch.

Pitched as the first summer car tyres to be certified for winter use, ATS Euromaster says the tyres will be “ideally suited to the UK fleet sector, where unexpected weather changes and occasional snowfall can cause havoc for company car drivers – resulting in costly business interruption, reduced mobility, plus an increased risk of accidents.”

The company reports that whilst take-up of cold weather tyres has been high amongst blue light, utilities and home delivery vehicle operators, a much smaller percentage of company car drivers have committed to changing tyres between seasons.

Peter Fairlie, group sales director of ATS Euromaster, says: “Fitting Michelin CrossClimate tyres will become a simple step businesses can take to significantly improve mobility, safety and duty of care year-round, without any of the perceived hassles associated with fitting two different sets of tyres. We’re confident our customers will be as excited in this new tyre technology as we are. CrossClimate tyres have the potential to be a true game-changer in the marketplace.”


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