£44 million raised from foreign trucks

Since 1 April 2014 the HGV levy has raised more than £44 million from foreign HGVs.

Foreign truck operators from 90 countries have purchased more than 1.8 million levies, a time-based charge that ensures all HGVs over 12 tonnes contribute towards their use of UK roads.

The levy, supported by the British haulage industry, has levelled the playing field for operators. UK-registered vehicles regularly pay their way through tolls and user charges in Europe. UK-registered vehicles pay the levy either annually or 6-monthly alongside VED. For foreign operators, transactions are made on-line using a dedicated foreign payment system.

98 per cent of the foreign levies purchased have been the highest band (band G) of £10 per day or £1,000 per year.

Over 90 per cent of the foreign levies purchased have been for less than a week. Top payers include operators from Poland, who account for more than 26 per cent, Romania who have purchased nearly 12 per cent and Spain who have purchased over 8 per cent of all foreign levies.

Where the levy has not been paid, the driver faces a £300 on-the-spot fine at the roadside. Enforcement agencies have issued some 2,500 fixed penalty notices and collected fines of over £750,000 for non-levy payment.

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