Stapleton’s exclusive brands aim to help retailers keep pace in SUV space

Few would disagree that the rapid growth of the 4×4/SUV tyre space represents a good retail opportunity. On the other hand, retailers are obliged to maintain an unprecedented breadth of stock to cope with the particular demands of this specialist sector, which can be quite a challenge. And it’s on this point that Stapleton’s believes it can help retailers keep up with the fast-growing 4×4/SUV tyre market space.

To this end Stapleton’s stocks an array of 4×4/SUV products. As well as those tyres manufactured by the majors such as Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli, the company offers the following exclusive brands – Matador, Maxxis, Nexen, Prestivo and Event. The latest addition to the 4×4/SUV market is Primewell.

Manufactured by Giti Tire, Primewell is a long-established favourite in the Stapleton’s exclusive brands stable thanks to a thorough range of exceptional tyres at competitive prices. Previously focusing on passenger car and van tyres, a sector for which it enjoys more than 85% market coverage in the UK, Primewell has just launched its first 4×4/SUV tyre – the Valera SUV.

Purportedly offering “strong braking and good handling on wet and dry roads, a quiet, comfortable ride and long lasting wear resistance”, the Primewell Valera SUV comes in 11 sizes from 17-20 inch diameters. Sizes range from 215/60 R17 to 275/40 R20,  with speed ratings ranging from V to Y. This means the vast majority of SUV vehicles available in Europe, including the ever-popular Nissan Qashqai and Juke models are covered (see textbox for full details).

Although it’s exclusive to Stapleton’s in the UK, the wholesaler describes Nexen as “long-established as a global brand in its own right with some 300 dealers in 130 countries worldwide”. This, say company representatives, “is no surprise given its huge range of sizes and patterns to suit almost every 4×4/SUV on the UK’s road (and off them too)”. The range extends from the Nexen N’Fera RU1 in four Diameters (17, 18, 19 and 20-inch), which is designed for performance on any road surface, to the Roadian HP with its five-random-pitch-array design for noise reduction, large shoulder blocks for wet road grip and cornering and a high-speed directional pattern design.

According to Stapleton’s recognition from the sector’s specialists has filtered through to retailers and consumers alike, who have been quick to recognise the quality and value of Maxxis’ 4×4 tyres. These range from the Marauder MAS II and HT 770 road tyres to the AT771 all terrain range, the new generation MT762/764 bighorn radial mud terrain and the uncompromising hard-core M8060 Trepador and M8080 Creepy Crawler, which are bias belted tyres designed to tackle the toughest mud and rock terrain.

Matador is another of Stapleton’s exclusive brands – in this case the brand brings with it the pedigree that comes with being part of Continental stable. The Matador MP85 is described as “a supreme on-road all-rounder, offering excellent handling and reduced aquaplaning” The MP82 is designed for 10 per cent off-road and 90 per cent on-road use. The MP71 takes a similar design pattern to greater extremes with a high-strength carcass in order to handle off-road conditions without compromising its on-road capabilities.

“The need to access a vast breadth of stock is something that crops up often in conversations with our retailer partners. And to ensure we’re always in position to supply even the most uncommon, niche sizes and variations right across the UK, we maintain regular discussions with all of our exclusive brands to make sure we all keep pace with the sector’s constant growth,” said Stapleton’s head of general wholesale, Nigel O’Hara. “Names such as Matador, Maxxis and Nexen all have their own special fortés and market niches but together they also mean we offer the retailers – and their customers – more choice and great value for money with no compromise at all to road safety or performance”.

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