Landsail sponsors Mongolian Charity Rally team

Following its title support for the Performance Car Show, Landsail Tyres is to sponsor a team in the 2015 Mongolia Charity Rally. The rally is an epic 10,000 mile, pan-continental road trip across mountain ranges, deserts and barren and inhospitable lands, starting in London and ending in the ancient Mongol capital of Ulaanbaatar.

Landsail was approached by the ‘Baby Don’t Yurt Me’ team at the Performance Car Show and wanted to help them on their mission by donating six Landsail Tyres to help them and their Ford Transit arrive safely in Mongolia.

The team recently had their tyres fitted at Tanvic Tyres, where manager Gary Dowdell oversaw the process.

The rally is organised by Go Help, a UK adventure charity committed to working with local communities in Central Asia and Central America to improve their access to education and healthcare services.

Charles Jackson from Team Baby Don’t Yurt Me said: “Landsail Tyres are helping us by providing all of the tyres needed for our trip. We met with them at Autosport 2015, and we got to look at their stand to see the construction and engineering of their tyres. We are proud to use Landsail as we are confident these tyres will make it to Mongolia without a problem.”

‘Baby Don’t Yurt Me’ will set off on 10 July to go to the official Charity Rallies Launch in Brussels on 11 July. And they anticipate they’ll be away for a month. You can follow their progress on their blog

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