Kraiburg Austria offering LD envelopes only from now on

New outer envelope series achieves 60 per cent longer life

Kraiburg Austria changed its outer envelope range to the new Kraiburg LD series as of January 2015. LD stands for Long Durability, which equates to long life. According to the company, the outer envelopes offer easy vacuum drawing and handling during the process of enveloping and are “decisive in addition to the lifetime for the retreaders”.

Kraiburg reports that it pitted its LD series against stringent criteria in field tests. Whilst the average of an outer envelope is about 120 heatings, the new LD range reportedly achieves 60 per cent longer life without having to change to the next size up. Indeed, Kraiburg reports that the envelopes can still be used without complications for further heatings, even after 200 cycles. Furthermore vacuum drawing on the transport hook is said to be “no problem” even after just as many cycles. And finally, the envelopes can be applied and removed easily and can be heated totally without separating agents. cja


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