Bridgestone addresses soft terrain traction with Battlecross X20

The Bridgestone motocross portfolio has been expanded through the addition of its Battlecross X20 soft terrain tyre. The range will be available in one front wheel size and three sizes for the rear, and will come to market in April.

The Battlecross X20 was developed on the racetrack through the experiences of professional riders in top motocross championships, reports Bridgestone. The knowledge gleaned from this competitive action resulted in the application of what the tyre maker calls ‘Castle Block’ technology – more on this shortly – along with a tread pattern that Bridgestone says is proven to dramatically increase traction, cornering grip and the tyre’s working range.

“Battlecross X20 builds on the strong reputation created by X30 for medium terrain and X40 for hard terrain launched in 2014,” shares Bridgestone. “Both tyres have received sensational reviews from MX riders and pundits everywhere. The X20 now brings all types of motocross riders, from championship competitors to young beginners, a new level of performance in soft conditions.”

The redesigned block pattern is stiffer and aims to deliver stronger cornering grip and traction on muddy tracks, slippery sand and softer terrain. This enhancement is paired with with Bridgestone’s Castle Block, which are protrusions jutting up from the tread elements towards the centre of the tyre. These reportedly “unleash more edge effect and traction on firmer ground.” The end result, comments Bridgestone, is a tyre that gives riders more options across a wider range of terrain.

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