Trelleborg extends Tire Book app to iOS, Android smartphones

Trelleborg’s Tire Book contains product information in five languages

Trelleborg’s Tire Book app, a digital version of its technical catalogue, is now available for use on iOS and Android smartphones. The app, already available for use on iOS and Android tablets, is presented in five languages, though the specialist tyre and wheel manufacturer says it will add to this portfolio. Tire Book enables users to access Trelleborg’s technical advice. It details everything farming professionals need to know about its comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class tyres and solutions. Trelleborg has been improving its digital support materials throughout 2014, with several new apps, and a marketing partnership with the popular Farming Simulator 15 video game.

Information on Trelleborg’s agricultural, agro-industrial, trailer, light service and forestry wheel ranges is included, with additional details on the suitability of each range across multiple applications, The app gives each tyre’s optimum inflation pressures in relation to specific applications, loads and speeds and provides comprehensive practical advice on tyre maintenance, storage and use. It can be downloaded in the App and Google Play stores, with additional details available on Trelleborg’s website.

Roberto Angelucci, digital marketing manager at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Modern agriculture demands that farming professionals have access to the latest mobile tools and applications. Therefore, we have placed significant importance on investing in our digital offering which includes the Dealer Locator, Load Calculator, aTtraction, Tire Efficiency and Tire iBrochure apps. Completing our portfolio of apps for the agricultural industry, we have taken the decision to extend the availability of the Tire Book app to mobile and tablet users across both iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

“Committed to the development of our comprehensive product portfolio, we are continually performing stringent testing in a bid to enhance our portfolio’s ability to boost the efficiency and productivity of farming operations. As a consequence, technical data can become obsolete and requires updating.

“The TireBook app is therefore regularly updated to ensure that technical data on our best-in-class tyres and solutions is always up to date and accurate. This is essential not only for farming professionals, but for our original equipment partners during development or homologation processes, as well as for tractor and combine dealers when farmers wish to select our brand in the tractor configuration phase.”

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