Opti-Tread tyre audit system for light vehicles released

Oxfordshire-based Translogik, a trading division of Transense Technologies plc, has announced the extension of its Opti-Tread tyre audit system to the passenger car and light commercial vehicle segments. The company’s US partner, Squarerigger, has launched the new Opti-Tread portable car tyre audit system, and is utilising Snap-On Equipment, a subsidiary of Snap-on Incorporated, as its first major distributor. Snap-on is marketing Opti-Tread through its John Bean brand.

The Opti-Tread system is designed for vehicle workshops and service centres, and provides rapid electronic data on tyre condition that can used to increase sales and ensure optimal tyre maintenance. The Translogik tyre probe forms an integral part of the process. The Opti-Tread system generates an automated graphical colour report which gives information on overall tyre condition, and this can be given to customers to highlight potential tyre issues such as excessive wear or incorrect pressures – issues that, if not dealt with, could lead to reduced tyre life or tyre failure.

For Translogik, this deal is viewed as a “significant breakthrough” both due to the potential sales volumes it offers and because it is the probe’s first application in the passenger car tyre market. Previously, the probe was used only for heavy commercial vehicle tyre inspections, and this move into use for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles greatly increases the addressable market; according to statistics from the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, 82.4 million passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were sold last year, as opposed to 4.8 million heavy commercial vehicles.

“This is a significant opportunity for Translogik’s tyre inspection probe products, as the move into the passenger car tyre market offers the potential for additional sales in the coming years, over and above that of the commercial vehicle market,” stated Translogik CEO Laren Yeomans. “We look forward to building on our successful contribution to tyre management for commercial fleets with the growing adoption of the Opti-Tread system and its application to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.”

Ed Cooper, CEO of Squarerigger, commented: “We are excited to have been selected as a Snap-on Equipment Inc. vendor after months of in-house and site testing with Opti-Tread. Snap-on Equipment Inc. is well positioned to provide this solution to customers globally through the John Bean brand and we look forward to a great relationship with them.”

“Opti-Tread provides a productivity solution that complements our full line of workshop equipment,” added David Cox, vice-president of sales, Snap-on Equipment Inc. “We look forward to serving our customers with this innovative tool.”


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