John McNaught launches JCM UK, focusing on recruitment and management services

Following his retirement from Bridgestone, ex-Northern European region managing director, John McNaught has founded JCM UK – a new venture focusing on recruitment and management services in the tyre and related industries.

According to McNaught, after decades of working 60 – 80-hour weeks, he is simultaneously looking to take the opportunity to cut-back, but also remain active – albeit not to the same extent. With 36 years of tyre industry experience in total, and with this experience roughly evenly split between retail and manufacturing roles, McNaught should be well-placed to leverage such skills and contacts in his new venture.

And while it is not unusual for senior executives to make the transition from management to consulting work, McNaught shies away from that term, preferring “management services” on the basis that what he does is offer actionable advice that gets to the root of the issue – examining important questions such as what actions need to be taken, monitoring the implementation of such actions and improving profit. This is distinct from many people’s experience of consultancy being an expensive way of having your own information returned to you in a different format.

Business services aside, the other part of what JCM UK will be focusing on is executive recruitment. Realising the reality that many companies have tightened up their operational expenditure due to the economic environment, McNaught observes that this has created a glass ceiling for many experienced and skilled individuals. With this in mind, he wants to help people experiencing this metaphorical glass ceiling break through to the next level.

It was early days when Tyres & Accessories spoke with John McNaught about this new venture, but there were already said to be three potential clients considering business services opportunities.

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