TIF disappointed with tyre labelling consultation, but pragmatic about the future

Following the publication of the DfT’s Tyre Labelling Enforcement Consultation document during the last week, NTDA representatives have articulated their disappointment with the government’s conclusions – apparently representing the views of the larger part of the Tyre Industry Federation (TIF) board (see “DfT completes Tyre Labelling consultation” for more on this).

Initially Tyres & Accessories learnt that the TIF “welcomes the conclusion of a protracted process of consultation and look forward to further improvement in Industry compliance resulting from effective enforcement by the NMO” from federation representatives.

However, NTDA director and TIF board member Stefan Hay has since added: “Like most of my colleagues on the Board of the Tyre Industry Federation (TIF), I find the outcome somewhat disappointing. I feel that the constituent members of TIF presented a good argument for more civil sanction options based on the positive UK experience gained in the enforcement of white goods labelling.”

Hay continued by explaining the strong grounds articulated by the TIF in favour of their point: “Although the draft regulations that were part of the consultation document included some civil sanctions as a result of drawing upon the provisions of the 1987 Consumer Protection Act, these fall short of what the TIF membership was asking for. This is acknowledged, by the DfT in the document.

Nevertheless it appears that the federation is adopting a pragmatic approach to current situation, holding off further lobbying in favour of supporting timely implementation, with Hay commenting: “…in the present circumstances, the TIF board members believe it seems prudent to favour timely implementation of some enforcement powers rather than to pursue further lobbying, which could further delay the adoption of enforcement powers without the guarantee of an improved outcome.”


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