SRI meets 50% less rolling resistance goal with latest Enasave tyre

This month, Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) has launched a new flagship product for its Enasave series of fuel efficient tyres, albeit only in the Japanese market. The Dunlop-brand Enasave Next has been introduced in size 195/65R15 91H and has achieved the coveted ‘AAA-a’ rank under the Japanese tyre label, the highest rating possible for rolling resistance and wet grip. SRI says the new tyre has 50 per cent lower rolling resistance than the standard Japanese replacement market Dunlop tyre in 2008, the year it set out to achieve this goal.

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Sumitomo’s new Enasave Next tire has 50% lower rolling resistance | News from Notch Consulting, Inc. September 30, 2014
[…] September, Sumitomo Rubber Industries launched a new flagship product for its Dunlop-brand Enasave series of fuel-efficient tires. The new tire, which is currently […]
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