Hämmerling launches ‘Athos Service Network’

European tyre wholesaler Hämmerling – The Tyre Company GmbH, distributor of the Athos private brand, has introduced its new ‘Athos Service Network’ at the IAA show in Hanover, Germany. The company says the concept centres on a 24-hour service for commercial vehicle rental fleets, transport companies and manufacturers in 24 European countries. Hämmerling aims to attract customers by offering a one-stop service at an attractive price. Tyre changes and breakdown service will be handled, as far as possible, by affiliated European Athos dealers. If no dealer is available or located in the vicinity, an established service organisation will step in.

“What’s special about the Athos service network,” comments Ralf Hämmerling, CEO of Hämmerling – The Tyre Company GmbH, “Is that it doesn’t matter whether you need replacement tyres or breakdown assistance, the service network can contact workshops throughout Europe – and the Athos tyres always cost the same. We actively support these distributors in several ways. With our inexpensive products they can stand out from competitors on the market and we use them if assistance is needed, so everyone profits from everyone else. Even if some did not supply the products or carry out the work themselves, they are still able to offer their customers this extra service.” Hämmerling offers the service network to its customers free of charge and bears the credit risk for the distributor.

Fleets or vehicle manufacturers wishing to use the Athos Service Network can do so by contacting a nearby Athos dealer or registering online. They will then receive a service card with the service hotline number. In the event of a breakdown, the driver receives a text message with the expected time of arrival of the service vehicle as soon as the hotline has clarified who will be responsible for providing the service. Communication is ensured by multilingual staff.

Following a tyre change or breakdown service, the company providing the service sends an invoice for the work plus the tyres and spare parts for a fixed price to the service headquarters. From here this is automatically forwarded with a service fee to the distributor who originally registered the respective company in the network. Hämmerling says the advantage for customers is that regardless of which country they use the service in, the invoice is always sent from the customer’s own country and at previously-fixed prices.

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