WheelRight joins LowCVP

WheelRight, the firm which has been recently promoting an award-winning off-vehicle pressure monitoring system, has confirmed its membership to the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP).

Set up 11 years ago, the LowCVP operates to move the UK to low carbon vehicles and fuels, and works with its 200 members to promote low carbon opportunities, research in the field and accelerate the take up of lower carbon choices.

A focussed project this year revolves around developing a robust procedure to demonstrate the benefits of a wide range of technologies in reducing fuel consumption in HGVs. WheelRight welcomed this work to lead the way in demonstrating fuel economy initiatives to the market and provide the robust independent validation of innovative technologies. The LowCVP has a long history of working with SMEs to identify how best to stimulate market development.

John Catling, chief executive at WheelRight, commented: “The LowCVP offers a fantastic platform to engage with the industry and we’re delighted to contribute to the debate. Our pioneering, easy to use, off-vehicle system was developed in consultation with the end users, which means that we understand the practical challenges facing fleet managers, financial directors and those responsible for environmental sustainability.

“We know that only 4 per cent of people drive with all four tyres properly inflated, which means that around 20 million litres of fuel is burnt unnecessarily each year, thus releasing around two million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. These are serious concerns and we hope that, through our work with the LowCVP, we can help to address them. Clearly, the world’s transport sector is facing a huge challenge.”

Andy Eastlake, managing director at the LowCVP, added: “We’re delighted to welcome WheelRight as members of the LowCVP. The business joins almost 200 organisations committed to accelerating a sustainable shift to lower carbon vehicles and fuels across the whole range of opportunities. One of the most immediate ways to reduce carbon is to optimise the efficiency of the vehicle you already have. Running vehicles on the right fuel with the right tyres at the right pressures should be the starting point for any fleet. We look forward to working with WheelRight over the coming months and exploring the tangible low carbon benefits that tyre pressure monitoring technology can bring.”


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