Mitas exhibits at Wadenbrunn

Mitas will be showing one of the largest agricultural tyres in the world at the Fendt Field Day in Wadenbrunn, on August 27th. On this occasion a new Fendt 211 Vario will be equipped with Mitas AC65 and exhibited at the Fendt technology pavilion. Another crowd puller is the Mitas 1250 / 50R32 SFT, one of the largest agricultural tyres in the world.

“Our collaboration with Fendt is excellent. Since 2004, we annually receive the highest supplier status, “says Jens Steinhardt, Key Account Manager at Mitas. “In addition to the 1250 / 50R32, we will highlight our top-quality products for high-horsepower machines on our stand,” adds Steinhardt.

Mitas 1250 / 50R32 is the heaviest tyre in the Mitas product portfolio. The size of this tyre is impressive. It weighs 555 kg and contains 76.5 m² reinforcements. Mitas 1250 / 50R32 SFT 188A8 / 185B has a diameter of 2.04 m and has a load capacity of up to 16 tons. The tyre has a volume of 2.2 cubic meters, making it one of the largest agricultural tyres. The Mitas 1250 / 50R32 SFT is designed to transfer vehicles and combine harvesters and became available on the global market since August 2014.

Mitas tyres in the exhibition are:
900 / 60R42 180D / SFT 183A8 TL MI
1250 / 50R32 188A8 / SFT 185B TL MI
650 / 65R30.5 176D Agriterra 03 TL MI
520 / 70R38 150D / HC70 153A8 TL CO
800 / 70R32 175A8 / 172B CHO SVT TL CO
620 / 70R30 IMP 178A8 / SFT 166A8 TL MI


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