Bridgestone’s all-weather offering ‘set to warm motorists’ hearts’ this winter

Bridgestone launched a new winter tyre for smaller cars in February 2014, the Blizzack LM001 winter tyre, completing its range of passenger car fitments alongside the LM-32 for higher performance vehicles. In the UK, however, Bridgestone’s north region communications manager Andy Dingley believes the brand’s Weather Control all-season tyre represents an even better proposition for British motorists.

“Many motorists are being given inaccurate advice about winter tyres in this country. We feel that a balance must be struck where families can drive safely in all road conditions in the UK without breaking the bank, and Weather Control tyres could be that balance for many motorists.”

The A001 was developed for European regions with moderate climates and wet, light winters such as the UK. It boasts lens-shaped blocks for improved water evacuation, reducing the risk of hydroplaning, as well as a high-silica winter tread and high-grip sipes. “Where summer tyres fail to perform, the A001 takes motorists safely into cold and more challenging winter conditions. Bridgestone has also tuned the tread pattern for low noise and optimum road contact in all surface conditions,” Dingley says.

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