Autoparts introduces new lubricant

Autoparts UK has added a new product to its range of Ultratec lubricants after unveiling its new ‘R-Tec F1 0W-30’ oil. The fully-synthetic oil is suitable for a range of petrol and diesel passenger car applications and brings exceptionally low temperature properties to the modern engine. This allows motorists to benefit from improved performance, increased fuel efficiency, even greater engine protection and an improved flow rate.

“Ultratec is a comprehensive brand of lubricants that is exclusive to Autoparts,” group factor manager, Craig McCracken, explained. “All of the applications in our range exactly match the specifications stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer so there is never a risk that the wrong product is selected for the wrong vehicle.

“This is a common and costly mistake to make as the wrong grade of oil can seriously damage a vehicle’s engine by either causing the diesel particulate filter to become blocked or the catalytic converter to become poisoned.”

Autoparts UK is also making it easier for its workshop customers to handle and use its range of Ultratec product applications. The 12-strong factor group is offering a free barrel pump with any two drums (199 litres) of Ultratec products, as well as an exclusive oil storage bench that can hold every grade and size of oil featured in the Ultratec range.

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