Remog shows new products, website

Remog S.p.A. used Reifen 2014 as a platform to present a number of new products, including a new adhesive weight designed for original equipment alloy rims. This zinc adhesive weight series includes five to 60 gram sizes; Remog says the dimensions for these weights are 15mm x 5.8mm, except for five to 15 gram single weights, which are only 4mm high. The company adds that the connection between the different sections of the adhesive weights make them flexible and easy to mount on rims. Furthermore, Remog S.p.A. adds that the epoxide powder used achieved a 480 hours resistance in saline fog tests.

A further new line shown at Reifen is the ‘Colored’ range of steel and zinc adhesive 60 gram weights. These are intended for fitment on coloured alloy rims, and Remog expects that this line’s market presence will grow.

Remog S.p.A. also shared information about its ISO TS certification at the Essen show, describing it as “another warranty” of product quality for its customers; Remog describes quality and innovation as the first aim of its company policy. Last but not least, the Reifen show gave Remog an opportunity to present its revamped website.


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