Continental adopts a wait and see stance towards future World Cup sponsorship

While Continental says it will “stay on the ball” regarding its football sponsorship and confirms its intention to place a stronger focus upon sponsoring regional events in future, the tyre and automotive systems manufacturer hasn’t gone so far as saying it will not sponsor the FIFA World Cup 2018, as one German newspaper reported last week.

In a text published today, Continental Tyre division head Nikolai Setzer states that “Continental has not yet entered into an agreement for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia. But it is always possible that, over the coming years, a rights package might become available, after all, which fits in well with the company’s portfolio. The significant strategic importance of the Russian tyre market would certainly justify such a move.”

The company’s growing interest in regional football sponsorship and utilising local marketing rights through this can be seen in Continental’s role as sponsor for the Asia Cup 2015 in the Asia Pacific region, Euro 2016 in Europe and Major League Soccer in the Americas.

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