Autoparts website for independent garages

Autoparts UK has launched a brand-new website ( to promote its ‘Workshop Expert Online’ management software to independent garages. Workshop Expert Online is a web-based tool that allows garages to complete key business functions that will help their business to run smoothly. Functions include accountancy tasks, managing workshop schedules, vehicle look up, parts ordering and customer relationship management (CRM).

The new website has been designed to demonstrate to garages how to use and benefit from the innovative software. It is an easy-to-navigate central resource that thoroughly describes all of the functions that can be completed using the software –ensuring garages maximise its use.

The website also features a number of short videos that give garages an on-screen guide to performing various tasks. Topics include creating customer reminders, creating invoices, creating estimates, updating customer records, creating job cards recording repair times and scheduling jobs.

Autoparts group factor manager, Craig McCracken, said: “Our Workshop Expert Online software has many excellent features that garages all across the UK are benefiting from using every day.

“The content on our new website is there to help people get the most out of the software at their own speed so they can then move forward and maximise the effectiveness of the business system.”

The Workshop Expert Online software has proved a big hit with garages since it was first rolled out by Autoparts at the end of 2013.


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