Michelin unveils anti-landmine tyre, ‘pushing back limits of mobility’

Michelin military tyre SOUVIM II land mine clearing system Michelin’s LX PSI 710/75R34 will be fitted to the SOUVIM II mine clearing system

Michelin has launched a new military tyre product, designed to help clear safe pathways through areas studded with land mines. The manufacturer worked with the French military and defence systems manufacturer MBDA in the development of the tyre. Michelin explained that the company has a duty to stretch the limits of its traditional role as a tyre supplier to provide all-inclusive mobility support. Michelin also announced that it has reworked its range of all-terrain truck mobility solutions, with its X-Force tyres available in four different tread designs, including the new fuel-efficient XZL2 version.

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Michelin Unveils Anti-Landmine tyre May 22, 2014
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