Manbat aims to demystify start stop technology

Manbat reports that it is on a mission to help technicians get their heads around the challenges posed by increasing numbers of vehicles fitted with a Start-Stop system. The primary objective behind Manbat exhibiting at the MECHANEX Manchester show this week (Event City on 20 and 21 May) is to engage with technicians and ensure that they are fully aware of the changing shape of the battery market and how that will affect them in the workshop. They say it’s important workshop managers and staff speaking with customers understand the reasons behind the growth in ‘micro-hybrid vehicles’ too, the official name for those with a Start-Stop system.

Globally, the vehicle manufacturers are having to comply with legislation that forces them to reduce the average level of exhaust emissions. The only current technology that allows them to reach requirements is to fit more of their vehicles with a Start-Stop system.

Despite the complicated nature of the systems, and the alternative routes manufactures have taken with restarting mechanisms, all a Start-Stop system does is to switch off the engine whenever possible to prevent it from producing exhaust emissions.

Providing there is sufficient power in the battery, the system will switch off the engine when the driver comes to a halt. Once the clutch pedal is depressed and first gear engaged, the system will automatically restart the engine so the driver can pull away as normal.


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