Large Turkish fleet partners with Vipal

Brazilian retreading material supplier Vipal, in partnership with Turkish retreading factory Tatkap recent won a tender to supply one of the largest fleets in Turkey, located in Istanbul. According to the companies, the IETT fleet runs 30,000 tyres on its vehicles, which serve a municipality, but working as a private company.

IETT is responsible for public transport in Istanbul and for improving routes day by day. Each bus averages 80,000 kilometres per year. In addition the company runs eight garages (repair shops) and its fleet is made up of several different brands of buses.

According to the report, Tatkap asked Vipal to enter in the tender, a tender which resulted in IETT chosing Tatkap to supply their retreaded tyres.

In turkey Tatko Otomotiv, the Tatkap group distributor for the retread industry, is a Vipal distribution partner distributing both Vipal and Ruzi treads as well as Vipal and Ruzi repair patches in Turkey and some neighbouring countries.

The partnership between Vipal and Tatko Group is seen as an example of the success possible when strengths are combined. In addition it is an example of how the Brazilian company is looking to increase its participation in the European markets by supporting its customers.

The work continues led by the team located in Europe in the three branches the company have had since 2006 – Spain, Slovenia and Germany. The company recently added three new field engineers trained by Vipal in Brazil, concluded Alessandro Campos, Vipal Europe manager.

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