Kirkby announces new Alliance, BKT agricultural tyre sizes

Kirkby Tyres has announced the availability of a number of new agricultural tyre sizes. Indian manufacturer BKT is supplying eight new fitments of tractor and trailer tyres to the Liverpool based wholesaler, while Kirkby UK exclusive brand Alliance has three new sizes of its 320 Value Plus tyre for small trailers, balers and agricultural tillage implements.

New Alliance & BKT sizes at Kirkby

New Alliance 320 Value Plus sizes

  • 10.0/75-15.3 (10PR)
  • 11.5/80-15.3 (12PR)
  • 12.5/80-15.3 (14PR)

New BKT Agrimax RT 955 Rowcrop sizes

  • 270/95R46
  • 210/95R28
  • 210/90R24

New BKT Agrimax RT 657 sizes

  • 420/65R24
  • 440/65R20

New BKT Agrimax ELOS size

  • 520/85R42

New BKT FL 630 SUPER sizes

  • 750/60R26.5
  • 560/60R22.5

The Alliance 320 Value Plus is a low section tyre specially designed for agricultural tillage implements. Its large footprint & high rubber to void ratio is designed to minimise soil compaction. The tyre boasts a strong textile construction to improve performance and increase longevity. The tyre can be used for grassland and sensitive soil applications, while on the road it is suitable for a maximum speed of 30km/h (18mph).

Kirkby will carry three new sizes of BKT’s Agrimax RT 955 Rowcrop 95 Series radial tractor tyre. Used for sprayers, harvesting and cultivation, the tyre features a narrow tread with round shoulders to protect against crop or soil damage. It has a tough nylon casing and rigid belt.

Another Agrimax tyre with new sizes is the RT 657 65 Series radial tractor tyre, with two new sizes to fit smaller and larger machines. The tyre features a stronger structure, with a compound designed to reduce operating costs and increase longevity. The tread design is designed for increased comfort and stability, while providing better traction and flotation in the field.

The BKT Agrimax ELOS radial tractor tyre is designed for wet soil, or paddy field use. The tyre features extra deep lugs for better traction and self-cleaning properties in wetter, stickier soil. The tyre also has a sidewall protector to restrict mud-flow.

Finally, Kirkby has two new BKT FL 630 SUPER radial flotation and transportation tyre sizes available. Suitable for spreaders, trailers and slurry tankers, the steel belted tyre comes equipped with puncture and stub penetration resistance. It is designed for uniform load balance across the contact area when in service, the manufacturer states.

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