DriveRight presenting new TyreFit version at Reifen

Software and data firm DriveRight reports that it will release a variety of new products including a new version of TyreFit (version 4.0) at the Reifen exhibition in Essen, Germany in a week’s time.

At Essen, DriveRight is to release the next version of TyreFit 4.0 which has a new integrated search for tyre product data including images and label information. A new wheel database with multiple search functions as well as TPMS data in the vehicle database is also included in this one tool.

Then there’s a new wheel database which reportedly contains “comprehensive product data and images” and has been adapted to the requirements of international customers. According to DriveRight, this allows the customer to tailor the data to individual countries. This means that the wheel data can be applied to the English and French markets and at the same time to the German market, with its special requirements, with very little additional effort.

In addition the most common TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) sensors have been added to DriveRight’s vehicle database and are also included in the wheel database. TPMS tools will be offered in the future as a separate web service.

Together with partner Lockside, DriveRight has created the ‘Geni-Sys’ and ‘Catalog n time’ tool which allow a catalogue to be built and managed using one interface.  Not only can the products be managed with regard to descriptions and prices, but it also allows the catalogue to be adapted for different languages. If only specific products need to be displayed for different purposes such as websites, webshops and online market places then these tools can do this too. In addition, product catalogues or advertising flyers can be created as printed products.

And finally DriveRight reports that the company can now offer (and will be demonstrating at the Essen show) a new French VRM search. This performs in a similar way to the other VRM searches we already offer for UK, Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The company will continue to offer the alternative existing search for France from the vehicle ID ‘D.2.1’ from the ‘Carte Grise’.

DriveRight exhibiting at REIFEN 2014: New developments include a wheel database | DriveRight May 22, 2014
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