Catalytic converter thefts on the increase

Police forces across Britain are warning companies about the high number of catalytic converter thefts, which are causing a considerable cost to UK businesses.

With precious metals such as platinum, palladium and rhodium increasingly being used in catalytic converters, the current trend for rising metal prices is increasing thefts of these valuable components. However, the value of detachable devices from vehicles doesn’t stop there as thieves are also removing tyres and aluminium door panels.

For companies relying on vehicles for the day-to-day running of their business, crimes of this kind can be expensive to deal with and cause disruption. The cost of vehicles being off the road hits balance sheets and repairs can often be more costly due to thieves’ hastily removing parts and causing more damage.

The following advice is being offered to businesses:

• Fleet managers should consider investing in catalytic converter protectors.
• CCTV cameras should also be installed and warning notices posted up nearby
• Install security lights to react to any movement and ensure these are tested regularly.
• Whether you’re parking vehicles in a garage, car park, or on the street, try to leave them in well-lit areas.
• Mark expensive removable items such as catalytic converters and spare tyres with security etchings to deter criminals.
• Store valuable goods in alarmed and locked buildings, and know where the keys are at all times.
• Think smartly about parking, positioning the most expensive vehicles surrounded by those that are a lower risk.


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