Not changing to summer tyres can be expensive in Italy

Tyre changeover slackness is a tidy earner for Italian authorities

Motorists in Italy have until 15 May to change their winter for summer tyres – and some face hefty fines if they fail to do so. Under a new regulation introduced by the country’s Ministry of Transport, M+S and snowflake marked tyres that bear a slower speed rating than the car’s maximum speed must be removed for the summer season. Failure to do so by the 15 May deadline may result in a fine of at least €419 and up to €1,682, and the vehicle needing to undergo a roadworthiness inspection.

The ministry says it has introduced this requirement as many motorists drive with a ‘downgraded’ tyre in winter, which has a speed rating far below the maximum speed recorded in the vehicle’s registration papers. For example, tyres with a ‘Q’ speed rating, which are only approved for speeds of up to 160km/h or 99mph, are commonly fitted to high performance cars and SUVs.

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