Starco Sweden a Däck Partner top supplier

Swedish distributor Däck Partner has named Starco Sweden as one of its top three “Suppliers of the Year.” The company says this recognition from Däck Partner is “a welcome acknowledgement of the achievement of Starco Sweden, proving that the presence of a special wheel and tyre company in the Swedish market is worthwhile.”

Until Starco’s arrival in Sweden in 2005, the tyre and wheel market there had traditionally been dominated by the major local and international tyre manufacturers. For a new player specialising in special wheels and tyres, the road to nationwide recognition has been a long one. From its inception, Starco Sweden focused on establishing and maintaining local relationships; the company says it has slowly but surely built up confidence amongst its customers, and faced with fierce competition from the major brands, proved that whilst “big may be beautiful” it is not always best.

From a rapid growth of up to 20 per cent per annum in the early years to a more modest yet stable growth of around ten per cent per annum today, Starco Sweden has gained market share by combining the strength of a global company with the vitality of a locally focused trading operation with a turnover of SEK 30 million (£2.8 million) in 2013. Over 90 per cent of the company’s sales are supplied directly from the local warehouse in Sweden, with the remaining ten per cent, typically specialist items, supplied from the Starco Central Warehouse in northern Germany.

Starco believes the company’s The mantra of ‘Availability, Service and Knowledge’ has been the key to developing and maintaining the Swedish market: “The high level of engineering and product expertise amongst Starco employees gives the customers access to a level of support which major manufacturers, with their focus on volume, often cannot compete with, creating an important and growing niche in the market for aftermarket wheels and tyres that Starco Sweden has been able to fill.”

Like all Starco regional entities, Starco Sweden now offers online purchasing to all its customers, with a rapidly part of the orders being channelled through the website. By allowing the customers to handle simple orders themselves, Starco Sweden says it will have even better opportunity to focus on the cases where local customers need to draw upon the availability, service and knowledge manifested by the Starco Sweden operation.


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