Linglong’s expanding Green-Max UHP 4×4 tyre range

With an impressive 44 dimensions ranging from 16 to 20-inchs in both W and Y speed categories, the Green-Max line produced by Shandong Linglong Tyre Co. Ltd. is already showing signs of expansion. The latest developments come in the form of several new high performance dimensions.

According to the company, all Green-Max high performance tyres are REACH compliant and exhibit “impressive EU label credentials” with wet grip measured at ‘B’ grade and a number of sizes displaying a rolling resistance grade of C and with a noise rating of two waves. Indeed it was directly in response to new European legislation (including REACH and tyre labelling) that Shandong Linglong threw its technological resources behind Green-Max.

In addition to Shandong Linglong’s extensive in-house testing, a European independent tyre test also concluded that Linglong’s Green-Max tyre range performed superbly when compared against better-known European tyre manufacturers.

The Green-Max tyre was praised for having excellent lateral grip and being easy to control in avoidance manoeuvres. Comfort, noise and rolling resistance levels were also deemed to be good and in conclusion the report stated: “It is possible to find affordable summer tyres with good capabilities – and Linglong surprised us the most”.

The Green-Max tyre averaged a test result ahead of several other well-known global tyre manufacturers. Green-Max also scored way ahead of the other Asian ‘economy’ tyre brand on test. The Green-Max’s capabilities were especially noted in subjective wet handling, acknowledging the advanced silica tread compound used in construction.

Furthermore, Green-Max’s distribution is also growing and the tyres are now available to the UK tyre trade via network of local independent regional distribution partners.

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