Incorrect tyre pressure is costly and may be dangerous, reminds Goodyear

Low air pressure is expensive Source: Goodyear

Goodyear has reminded motorists that a tyre’s good label performance only apply when it operates at the correct air pressure. While more than 80 per cent of the company’s EfficientGrip Performance received an ‘A’ rating for wet braking and ‘B’ for rolling resistance, this result would look very different when inflation levels are too low. And then there’s the matter of safety….

“Low inflation pressure increases rolling resistance and through this fuel consumption, and it reduces a tyre’s lifespan through wear and tear,” states Goodyear Dunlop. “As little as 0.2 bar below the required level can lead to as much as one per cent higher fuel consumption and ten per cent less tyre life. By a reduced pressure of 0.6 bar, fuel consumption can increase by up to four per cent and the tyre’s lifetime mileage almost halved.” In addition, operating tyres below the required pressure can negatively influence braking distances and in a worst case scenario can cause a blowout due to an excessive heat build up.

Operating at an air pressure above that required for a tyre can also lead to problems as the size of the contact patch decreases: “Traction decreases, and this can have dangerous results during braking manoeuvres.”

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