Ultratec poster aids oil selection

Autoparts UK has produced a new Ultratec oil selection poster to assist garages and motorists with selecting the correct oil for a specific vehicle.

The use of incorrect engine oil can lead to problems and result in expensive repairs. Also, car manufacturers have clearly defined oil drain intervals for oils which meet their specifications and the use of a lower quality lubricant in, for example, a long oil drain schedule can result in reduced engine component life and poor fuel economy.

The new poster lists all seven oil grades in the Ultratec range and the vehicle and applications for each oil and also details the availability of Ultratec oils in various sizes such as 5ltrs, 20ltrs, 199ltrs and bulk orders.

Autoparts says that Ultratec products bring a raft of benefits to the motorist that guarantee fantastic performance and reliability. The oils in the range feature excellent cold starting properties, enhanced engine protection, increased fuel efficiency and improved flow rate.

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