David Cameron to “look carefully” at options for retaining Dunlop production

Goodyear Dunlop says it is “not possible” to retain motorsport tyre production at its current UK location, and therefore this will transfer to plants in France (Montlucon) and Germany (Hanau) later in the year. Nevertheless, upon urging from MP for Erdington Jack Dromey on 5 February, the Prime Minister indicated he’d investigate the matter more closely.

“Queen Victoria was on the throne when the Dunlop factory in Erdington first produced world-class tyres for the motorsport industry,” stated Dromey in the House of Commons. “Jaguar Land Rover now needs the land for the welcome expansion of the Jaguar plant. The Business Secretary and Birmingham City Council have identified three sites and a financial package so that Goodyear Dunlop can relocate. Will the Prime Minister join the Business Secretary and me in urging it to look at those alternatives and not walk away from 125 years of manufacturing history?”

David Cameron responded that he’s been briefed on the situation and said “I am happy to look carefully at it and see what can be done. The recovery of the automotive sector, particularly in the west midlands, has been hugely welcome for our country. Dunlop is an historic name and an historic brand, and I will do everything that I can to work with the Business Secretary and the hon. Gentleman to get a good outcome.”

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