TyreSafe welcomes Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership as latest member

The organisation won TyreSafe’s ‘Safety in the community' award last year

Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership is the latest road safety organisation to become a member of TyreSafe. As such, the Partnership will build upon its successful tyre safety education and awareness work, which was recently recognised and rewarded when the organisation won a ‘safety in the community’ award from TyreSafe.

“Correct tyre care and maintenance is a critical element in helping to reduce the number of accidents and injuries that occur on our roads, so we are delighted that we will be working closely with the Partnership,” commented TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson. “Last year its work already demonstrated a great deal of commitment, creativity and success in educating local drivers about the dangers of illegal and defective tyres and we look forward to helping to build upon this in 2014.”

As a member of TyreSafe, Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership will have access to wide range of campaign and education materials to help it raise awareness about the importance of regular tyre care and maintenance.

The Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership is a multi-agency organisation which aims to reduce the number of people killed and injured in road traffic collisions on the county’s roads. The Partnership’s collaborative approach focuses on road safety education, engineering and enforcement. As part of this ongoing strategy, the organisation recently ran a number of roadside safety checks as part of October’s tyre safety month, along with a sustained marketing campaign via social media and radio.

Glenn Barcham, chair of the Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership, said: “Whilst it is well known that tyre condition is an important safety concern we know that some drivers are still using tyres that are in poor condition. The BLCRP is therefore very pleased to be a member of TyreSafe particularly as we head into the winter season.”


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