Light commercial registrations up 14.7 per cent

The latest light commercial vehicle figures released show 2013 total registrations to 327,291 units, up 14.7 per cent. Vans rose 13.1 per cent over the year registering 271,073 units, boosted by 32.5 per cent growth in December. Truck registrations totalled 56,218 units in the year, up 23 per cent with the move to Euro 6 fuelling growth as predicted.

“It is extremely positive to see the 2013 commercial vehicle market rose 14.7 per cent, making it the best performance in the last five years” said Sue Robinson, director of the National Franchised Dealers Association which represents commercial vehicle and franchised car retailers across the UK, commenting on the SMMT’s van and truck registration figures.

Robinson continued, “As expected December truck registrations were exceptional last month due to the change from Euro 5 engine specification. We anticipated high levels of registrations, but a 217 per cent increase over that of December 2012 was a very pleasing result with a total of 11,351 vehicles registered.

“All sectors of trucks saw an increase in registrations, but the highest percentage came from the heavy over 16t market with a 465 per cent increase over December 2012. Overall the 3.5t+ truck sector was up 23 per cent in 2013 which is a clear reflection of consumer confidence and upturn in last year’s market. Van sales (sub 3.5t) impressed in December, indicating strong end-of-year dealer/manufacturer marketing in this sector along with greater confidence in the economic outlook of UK PLC”.


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