Continental integrates wheel speed sensors and electric parking brake cables

Continental AG has integrated the cables for wheel speed sensors and the electric parking brake (EPB) into a single harness, making the company one of the first manufacturers to offer such a combination of components. And what’s more a Japanese car manufacturer is set to introduce the innovation in 2015.

“Combining wheel speed sensors with the EPB cable results in lower development-, product- and assembly costs compared to individual components. We are offering carmakers a high-quality, robust and cost optimized solution. This is the way the market is going”, said Thomas Jauch, Head of the Speed Sensors segment in the Passive Safety & Sensorics business unit of Continental’s Chassis & Safety Division.

According to Continental, Less connector and fixing interfaces translate into easier assembly in the vehicle production line. Full integration of wheel speed sensor functions is also possible. This applies to such standard functions as speed measurement, as well as to such high-end functions as capturing a change in direction of travel or indirect Tire-Pressure Monitoring Systems (iTPMS). The Electronic Brake System (EBS), Traction

Control System (TCS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) calculate the rotational speed of all four wheels based on the signals received from the wheel speed sensors. This enables the systems to determine when the wheels are spinning, taking appropriate control action to maintain the vehicle’s stability and proper steering responses.


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