Maxxis contributes towards Philippines relief

Following the recent tragedy of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Maxxis International has set up a donation fund for its “Maxxis family” members from around the world to contribute to those in need.

With over 11 million people affected by the devastating storm and over 5500 people killed, Maxxis wants to do everything it can to help towards the relief effort in the Philippines. Included in the many of thousands that lost their lives in the terrible storm was Chris Jabagat, who ran one of the offices of Maxxis’ Philippines distributor, along with five of his family members. While other Maxxis family members in the path of the storm survived, many have lost their homes, and all of their possessions.

Maxxis would like to express its deepest sympathy to those that lost their lives in typhoon Haiyan and would like to urge everyone to do as much as possible for the victims that must live with the aftermath.

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