Man shows off nasal inflation skill

The original Global Times caption accompanying this image contained the unavoidable quip ‘up your nose with a rubber hose’…

Many forward-thinking garages now offer nitrogen tyre inflation as an additional service to customers, but it’s safe to say that the inflation performed by Nie Yongbing would draw bigger crowds. The 63-year old from China’s SichuanProvince is able to inflate car tyre inner tubes using his nostril. During a demonstration held on 6 December, Nie inflated four inner tubes using this unique method in just 20 minutes.

Nie also claims he is able balance on a sharp blade while barefoot and lift a pail of water with his eyelids, and he hopes to perform on a talent show one day. He first attracted local notoriety courtesy of the Chengdu Business Daily, and the Global Times then shared his talent with the rest of China and the world.

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