Galgo Pre-Q gets SmartWay approval on second precure design

Galgo Pre-Q’s DP tread for use on Long-haul class-8 drive axle has been awarded SmartWay approval, the second time a Galgo tread has been accredited in his way. According to a company statement, this means the product meets the requirements of the SmartWay Technology programme that verifies low rolling resistance retreaded tyres which help reduce truck fuel consumption by at least 3%, according to the EPA. This programme is compliant with California Air Resources Board (CARB) as well.

The DP tread reportedly includes additional features compared with a regular tread such as an advanced fuel-efficient cool-running compounds to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; has a distinctive with a green line embedded in the tread design and deep enough to last until the tread is worn out. It is available as a precure retread in 8 2/8, 8 5/8 and 9-inch tread widths.

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