Four Bridgestone motorcycle lines to debut in February 2014

In February, Bridgestone Corporation will introduce four new motorcycle radials into the global market, the company announced on 18 December. This new line-up includes three lines in the Battlax series and one Battlecross range.

The Racing Battlax V02 motorcycle tyre, created for race-use only, represents the flagship of the series and Bridgestone says it features various refinements, including improved grip consistency and wear durability. The Racing Battlax V02 incorporates new GP-Belt construction, which the tyre maker claims as a first for consumer tyres, and also uses a new compound to improve both grip and wear durability to help strengthen circuit racing performance.

The Battlax SC Ecopia features an optimised compound, profile, and construction aimed at providing fuel-efficient performance. The Battlax SC Ecopia uses Bridgestone’s Nano Pro-Tech to reduce rolling resistance without compromising other performance aspects.

The Battlax Hypersport S20 EVO also incorporates Moto GP technology, focusing on sport and ride performance, as well as solid handling performance and wear durability. The tyre targets a wide range of applications, including circuit sport riding.

The Battlecross X30/X40, also designated for race-use only, focuses on refined grip for off-road biking. The Battlecross X30/X40 features technologies that help provide solid acceleration, traction, durability and cornering performance.

More information will be released closer to the products’ release date, says Bridgestone.

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