Falken supplying Autosolo tyres at Autosport International

Building upon the success of its inaugural support of the Under 17 Motor Club in 2013, Falken Tyre Europe is helping more young drivers to get involved in motorsport by providing tyres for the Autosolo event at Autosport International, which takes place at the NEC between 9 and 14 January 2014.

Autosolos are a series of timed, ‘all-forward’ (i.e. no reversing) courses on hard surfaces such as car parks or airfields. Unlike traditional autotests, there is no requirement for special techniques such as spin turns.  Cars must be taxed, insured, have an MOT certificate if applicable and be driven to the event. Road tyres are also specified; Falken says its ZE914 ECORUN and Sincera tyres are popular as both provide a blend of grip and affordability.

Twenty competitors a day including Under 17 MC members will provide visitors to the Autosport Show with a taste of the sport through passenger rides on a course inside one of the halls. This year, for the first time, rides will be available on all four days of the event. Cars set to appear include Mazda MX-5s, Nissan Micras, Citroen Saxo and a Peugeot 205.

“Falken is delighted to expand its support to enable young drivers to learn about car control in a secure environment and to make the first steps into competitive motorsport, with the opportunity to actually take part,” said Stefanie Olbertz, Falken Tyre Europe’s motorsport marketing manager. “The demonstrations will provide a great opportunity to show the motorsport enthusiasts this growing branch of motorsport that is breeding ground for competitors that don’t have the budgets for karting.”


Falken’s backing for the Under 17 Motor Club follows its support for other youngsters in UK motorsport in 2013. This includes 11 year old Catherine Harris in BriSCA Ministox, Hazel Johnson in North West rallying as well as enabling 19 year old race driver Christie Doran to experience its drift cars.

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