Conti: UK market 35 million units

While car tyre sales are beginning to look healthy and 4x4 sales are the engine of the market, van tyre sales are both tipped to take off in the next year or so and said to be a good indicator of market condition

While no-one is saying the climate is easy or the market is booming, Continental Tyre Group estimates that the worst is over and the UK market currently totals some 35 million passenger car tyres a years. Of course the fact that the same experts also suggest that around 10 per cent of this is made up of part worn sales remains problematic, but this is tempered by the fact that UK market has been leading Europe in terms of new car registrations recently, which all points to increased growth of large and higher performance sizes in the next two to three years. And what’s more Conti’s UK representatives suggest that the new European tyre label is already beginning to have an impact, despite other sources both agreeing and disagreeing with this position. Tyres & Accessories caught up with Continental’s passenger tyre segment brand manager (which includes car, 4×4 and van in the role’s remit) Peter Robb at the company’s annual trends briefing in central London on 6 December to find out more.

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