China-Europe rail link offers Heuver a new freight option

Several months ago a new rail freight service commenced between China and the German port city of Hamburg, and Heuver Tyrewholesale reports it intends to use this service as an additional channel for its tyre transport from China.

“Due to the exclusive partnership with Aeolus, demand for tyres – and thus the number of containers – has risen considerably in recent years,” writes the Dutch wholesaler in a statement. “This growth has placed great pressure on stock management, which can be hindered by the long supply route over sea. That is why Heuver is always alert for new and efficient supply routes, like to the new AsiaEur railway line, which departs from various locations in China and arrives directly in Hamburg (Germany). Containers can now reach their destination in just over two weeks.”

Bertus Heuver, director of Heuver Tyrewholesale reports on the new freight arrangement: “In the summer, we heard about the relatively new train link between the Chinese region of Henan, where the Aeolus factory is located, and Hamburg. And it was worthwhile exploring this almost direct link between the factory and our warehouse. The main benefit of this route is the shorter transport times. Compared to the sea-based supply route, containers reach their destination in half the time. This can play a significant role when there are peaks in demand. By selecting the railway route at such times, we will be able to avoid the pile-up of back-orders because containers will reach their destination in just over two weeks. This will benefit our customers.

“For us, this supply route is a welcome addition to our sea route,” Bertus Heuver adds. “We will continue to supply by sea wherever possible, partly to reduce traffic and environment-related problems, but the new route offers us extra flexibility. We understand that, in the meantime, the route is being used by trains carrying up to 40 containers. This improves flexibility and will eventually allow us to assist our customers faster and more efficiently. And that is essential for us.”

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