Warrior PCR brand launched in North America

At this month’s SEMA show in the US, the China Manufacturers Alliance (CMA) displayed the first Warrior brand passenger car tyres sold in North America, the R29 and R30. The Warrior range, the product of a joint-venture between Double Coin Holdings and Michelin Tire Group and manufactured by Double Coin Group (Anhui) Warrior Tyre Co., was re-introduced in the Chinese domestic market in May 2012 following a two year absence.

US Industry publication Tire Review reports that the R29 and R30 were displayed at the CMA show stand along with a Warrior brand winter tyre and UHP tyre – the last two being present to show that the brand has potential to grow in North America. “We’ve anticipated this launch and opportunity for some time and it’s here today,” said CMA vice-president Aaron Murphy at the SEMA show. “Warrior branded products had curb appeal in the past and through global efforts in technology and partnerships, the brand is back and ready to take off to new heights.”

The R29 is an all-season tyre with a symmetrical tread design, while the R30 is a high performance all-season tyre designed for performance and handling. Both tyres are M+S rated and meet the RMA’s guidelines for mud and snow tyres. Each will be offered in 12 different sizes.

In an effort to promote the tyres to US consumers and to give them peace of mind about trying a new brand of tyre, CMA offers the ‘Warrior Protection Promise’, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all Warrior tyres sold to consumers. The Warrior Protection Promise also offers consumers free roadside tyre assistance, a limited treadwear mileage warranty and a replacement warranty.

“Warrior is a fantastic tyre. When a consumer purchases a Warrior tyre, they know they have a warrior there to protect them and get them safety to their destination,” said Ken Coltrane, CMA vice-president of consumer tyres. He added that the brand offers dealers a high profit margin tyre that they can confidently recommend to their customers, and that Warrior offers consumers a quality mid-range option that is less expensive then major brands.

The Warrior brand will be available in North America during the first quarter of 2014. Advertising for the tyre will be localised to cities where dealers sell the Warrior brand, creating demand for the tyre in the market. Additionally, the brand will be marketed toward consumers who take pride in their vehicle ownership, Coltrane shared.

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